World War 1

Photos were taken by Ordnance Sergeant Weldon M. Barr U.S. Army during his war duty in France. He was voluntarily inducted into the United States Army when he was 25. He was sent to Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh to the Langdon School of Aeronautics, because he was a pattern maker by trade. Then he went to Camp Hancock, Georgia and later moved to Camp Upton in New Jersey. He was shipped again overseas on the ward liner Siboney where he was an acting sergeant in charge of the 5th Casual Company. He landed at Brest, France and camped with 3,000 others between the hedges in 6 to 10 inches of mud. Following his experience in Brest, he was shipped off in a boxcar to Ordnance Headquaters in Mehune Surerve, France. He was shipped off to Suasson with the French, repairing machine guns and other ordnance. After the Amistice was signed he was sent back to ordnance headquarters in Mehune. In July 1919 he returned to the United States on the Mallory and was discharged at Camp Dix.
Weldon McCoy Barr was from Venango County, Pennsylvania.He lived and began his family in Coshocton, Ohio. His WW1 uniform was donated to the Ashland County, Ohio Historical Museum, in Ashland County, Ohio.