Welcome to Sheila K. Helser Photography

My interest in photography began when I was 7 years old and sat in my father's dark room. We turned off the lights and he loaded the film into the black plastic developing tank and by the light of the red/orange bulb, we watched the pictures develop in the white, red rimmed, porcelain pan.
The smell of chemical baths was in the air. It was fun to see the paper turn from blank to a photo. Then we hung them up to dry. For many years I helped him make our photo Christmas cards.
My first camera was a Kodak Brownie Camera. It had a flash attachment and used the round bulbs that were purchased separately. I took many black and white pictures on trips around the USA with that camera. We also had a Kodak Folding Camera.
When I was older, my father purchased a Contaflex Camera that would shoot pictures or slides. He had a light meter, filters and flash. It had one fixed lens, a Zeiss, and took marvelous pictures. It was with us at school activities, parties, family gatherings, and took trips across the USA and back. I remember slipping on rocks at the bottom of Yosemite Falls trying to get a good shot and driving over the Golden Gate Bridge and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge and giving me the camera with instructions to shoot pictures out the windows. I remember stopping the car on the side of the road in desert areas and deciding which sky filter to use and learning to read the light-meter. I got quite good at guessing the light meter reading before we read it. We would return home and have neighborhood parties in our living room with his large screen set up at one end and his slide projector at the other, reliving the trips through the slide shows.
In later years, after my father died, I sent the Contaflex to NYC and had the shutter repaired. I still have his camera bag, Contafelx and all the accessories. I was given a Pentax SLR film camera and a couple of lenses. The pictures were not as good as the old Contaflex and my disappointment showed in my lack of interest in photography.
Years passed until a generous friend gave me a small Sony digital camera, one of the first digital cameras. It was interesting to take pictures and put them on the computer. This ignited my interest in photography. I now shoot with a Canon 1Ds Mark III and a Canon 5D Mark II and have a nice selection of Canon lenses. My interest in photography has come full circle and I am enjoying the adventure immensely! I hope you enjoy viewing the pictures I share on sheilascorner.com.

"Every artist was at first an amateur." ~Ralph W. Emerson