Sheila's Lafleur model Violin Bow

weight 60.5 grams

Yes! This is a violin bow.
It is a Lafleur model swan shaped head violin bow.
This bow is well balanced and weighs 60.5 grams
It has a round Pernambuco shaft in a redbrown color.
The slide is abalone shell and the bow is fully silver mounted.

My Mohr bow is a copy of Jacques LeFleur, 1760-1832.
Jacques LeFleur was an apprentice of Francois Tourte.
LeFleur's bows are known for their elasticity and lightness.

I use this bow a great deal. It plays very well.
I find I can drawn a nice clear tone and also do many different styles of bowing.
It plays pp as well as ff
My Mohr LeFleur copy is an excellent playing stick.

These are not professional photos and do not do the bow justice as to how pretty it is.
This bow was made by Rodney D. Mohr USA bowmaker.
Rodney D. Mohr is a graduate of the Chicago School of Violin making.